Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hoelscher Kids 2010

I remember Tanner as a 3 year old in my studio. He was a little shy, very sweet and had the best little smile (especially after the lollypop reward). Now, a few years later (amazingly he has aged and I have not), we are at Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach, shooting his Senior portraits. Getting together on a weekday afternoon made it really easy to incorporate head shots for the entire Hoelscher brood. Rosie picked up some great 5x5 square frames, so our goal (besides a great Senior portrait), was to get a tight head shot of all 4. I think we got it!
At the last minute, I told all the kids to run over to Tanner and just "hang out". After all was said and done, this shot meant the most to Rosie. Tanner is going away to college, it might be the last shot of all 4 kids for a while. Good luck Tanner and congratulations!

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