Monday, July 26, 2010

Al and Carlie's Wedding July 16, 2010

Ogden Photography was so excited to work with Al and Carlie at The Long Beach Museum of Art. What an amazing venue to shoot at. Visually it is a photographers dream, but not only that, I have to say the staff is top notch. Especially Sara, the event coordinator. I can not say enough about her so I will just thank her. Thanks Sara.
Carlie got ready in the building built in 1912 that not only houses great art itself but is also where Claire's Cafe (shout out for the food right now. It was great.) is located. I had so much fun shooting in and around this building. Carlie looked so pretty and she was so at ease. We got really amazing photos. Here is just a small peek.
I used the side of the building to do some really fun candid shots of Al and the guys. I did some shots in the street also. I like the look of these a lot...
How cute is this sign-bearer? This is the first time I had seen this and I LOVE it! Carlie's friend Paul Lemire played guitar and sang. I have worked with him before and I think he is fantastic. Notice the sign for after the ceremony. Cute.
We were able to use the museum for shots after the ceremony. I was in photographer heaven!
The building makes for such a great background! Then back to the side of the building! Carlie's nephew (the ring bearer) was one of the high lights. He was so cute and fun and he just loved being a part of such a special day.
Allen from AAA DJ Service helped me organize this shot at the last minute. I have worked with Allen many many times and it is always a pleasure. Thanks for helping me get this shot Allen! I think it makes for a cute "end of the night" photo.
I was able to see several couples at Carlie and Al's wedding that I have shot in the past. This wedding was a great time. Thanks Al and Carlie and CONGRATULATIONS!