Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alicia McKenzie and Friends at The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

I met Alicia about 5 years ago when I shot her sister Amasha's wedding. I have been shooting for the McKenzie/Lyles girls on and off ever since.

Last Saturday Alicia put together a group of family and friends to volunteer at The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.
It was so inspirational. Although it was a lot of work, It was obvious everyone was having a great time. The sense of accomplishment and selflessness was palpable in the room. Good for you Alicia. I wanted you to know I am thinking of doing this for my upcoming birthday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kenny and Claudia, May 14, 2010

Once again Ogden Photography was at Terranea and I have to say, "I am loving it"! The grounds are beautiful and the rooms I have seen are spacious and lovely. Claudia looked beautiful. We took advantage of this gorgeous day before heading to The South Coast Botanic Gardens.
I caught up with the guys there. I was hanging out with the guys before the ceremony and asked Kenny's sons to give me some attitude. This is what I got. How cute are they?
The ceremony was perfect. Perfection was also on the minds of the flower girls. Kenny's niece dropped a few petals and insisted on picking them up before continuing. I love moments like this. Claudia's uncle presided over a "lasso" ritual. I had seen this before at Claudia's sisters ceremony. I think it is really special.
Kenny gave Claudia this impromptu kiss as they finished walking down the isle. It was perfect.
The Botanical Gardens are so fun to wander and take pictures of the bride and groom.
The reception was really fun. I loved Claudia and Kenny's first dance. I also loved Claudia's dance with her father. I think everyone had tears in their eyes.
The DJ, Gus Garcia of Battleson Entertainment, helped me gather everyone for this group photo...
All in all, great night! Best of luck Kenny and Claudia!